How to write your runcard?#

In qibocal we adopt a declarative programming paradigm, i.e. the user should specify directly what he wants to do without caring about the underlying implementation.

This paradigm is implemented in qibocal in the form of runcards. A runcard will contain all the essential information to run a specific task.

In the case of the qq command a possible runcard should look like this:

platform: tii5q

runcard: <path_to_platform_runcard>

qubits: [0]

format: pickle

        arg1: ...
        arg2: ...

        arg1: ...
        arg2: ...
First, the user will need to specify some global parameters including:
  • platform: the platform name.

  • runcard: path to the platform runcard (optional). If not specified it will be used the platform runcard available in qibolab.

  • qubits: the qubit(s) that we are calibrating.

  • format: the format for storing the measurements.

After those the user will simply populate actions with all the routines that he will like to run followed by their respective arguments.