What is Qibolab?#


Qibolab is the dedicated Qibo backend for quantum hardware control. This module automates the implementation of quantum circuits on quantum hardware. Qibolab includes:

  1. Platform API: support custom allocation of quantum hardware platforms / lab setup.

  2. Drivers: supports commercial and open-source firmware for hardware control.

  3. Arbitrary pulse API: provide a library of custom pulses for execution through instruments.

  4. Compiler: compiles quantum circuits into pulse sequences.

5. Quantum Circuit Deployment: seamlessly deploys quantum circuit models on quantum hardware. 5. Emulator: seamless emulation of quantum hardware based on a emulator backend equipped with various quantum dynamics simulation engines.


The main components of Qibolab are presented in Elements description


Key features#

  • Deploy Qibo models on quantum hardware easily.

  • Create custom experimental drivers for custom lab setup.

  • Support multiple heterogeneous platforms.

  • Use existing calibration procedures for experimentalists.

How to Use the Documentation#

Welcome to the comprehensive documentation for Qibolab! This guide will help you navigate through the various sections and make the most of the resources available.

  1. Installation and Setup: Begin by referring to the Installation instructions guide to set up the Qibolab library in your environment. A complete example is also provided in Performing the first experiment.

  2. Tutorials: Explore the Tutorials section for a range of tutorials that cater to different levels of expertise. These tutorials cover basic examples, real experiments, and guides for extending the library with new instruments.

  3. Main Documentation: Dive into the Elements description section, which offers a detailed overview of the main components that constitute the Qibolab framework. This section provides a comprehensive understanding of the key elements, helping you build a holistic view of the API’s capabilities.

  4. API Reference: For an in-depth exploration, visit the qibolab package section. Here, you’ll find automatically compiled documentation generated from present docstrings. This reference offers comprehensive insights into the various classes, methods, and attributes available within the library.



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