If Qibo has been significant in your research, and you would like to acknowledge the project in your academic publication, we suggest citing the following documents:

Peer-Reviewed Articles#

  • S. Efthymiou, S. Ramos-Calderer, C. Bravo-Prieto, A. Pérez-Salinas, D. Garcı́a-Martı́n, A. Garcia-Saez, J. I. Latorre, S. Carrazza, Qibo: a framework for quantum simulation with hardware acceleration, Quantum Science and Technology 7 (1) (2021) 015018. doi:10.1088/2058-9565/ac39f5, (arXiv:2009.01845).

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  • S. Efthymiou, M. Lazzarin, A. Pasquale, S. Carrazza, Quantum simulation with just-in-time compilation, Quantum (6) (2022). doi:10.22331/q-2022-09-22-814, (arXiv:2203.08826).

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  • S. Efthymiou, A. Orgaz-Fuertes, R. Carobene, J. Cereijo, A. Pasquale, S. Ramos-Calderer, S. Bordoni, D. Fuentes-Ruiz, A. Candido, E. Pedicillo, M. Robbiati, Y.P. Tan, J. Wilkens, I. Roth, J.I. Latorre, S. Carrazza, Qibolab: an open-source hybrid quantum operating system (2023), (arXiv:2308.06313).

  • R. Carobene, A. Candido, J. Serrano, A.O-Fuertes, A. Giachero, S. Carrazza, Qibosoq: an open-source framework for quantum circuit RFSoC programming (2023), (arXiv:2310.05851)

Software References in Zenodo#

  • S. Efthymiou, S. Ramos-Calderer, C. Bravo-Prieto, A. Pérez-Salinas, D. García-Martín, A. Garcia-Saez, J. I. Latorre, S. Carrazza. (2020). qiboteam/qibo: Qibo. Zenodo.

  • S. Efthymiou, A. Orgaz, S. Carrazza, A. Pasquale, D. Fuentes Ruiz, M. Lazzarin, S. Bordoni, E. Pedicillo, P. Tan and M. Hantute. (2023). qiboteam/qibolab: Qibolab. Zenodo.

  • A. Pasquale, S. Efthymiou, D. Fuentes Ruiz, E. Pedicillo, S. Carrazza, A. Orgaz, A. Sopena, A. Candido, M. Robbiati and M. Hantute (2023). qiboteam/qibocal: Qibocal. Zenodo.

Conference Proceedings#

  • S. Carrazza, S. Efthymiou, M. Lazzarin, A. Pasquale. An open-source modular framework for quantum computing. (2022) ACAT2021, (arXiv:2202.07017).

  • M. Robbiati, S. Efthymiou, A. Pasquale, S. Carrazza. A quantum analytical Adam descent through parameter shift rule using Qibo. (2022) ICHEP2022, (arXiv:2210.10787).

  • A. Pasquale, S. Efthymiou, S. Ramos-Calderer, J. Wilkens, I, Roth, S. Carrazza. Towards an open-source framework to perform quantum calibration and characterization. (2023) ACAT22, (arXiv:2303.10397).

Based on qibo#

  • C. Bravo-Prieto, J. Baglio, M. Cè, A. Francis, Dorota M. Grabowska, S. Carrazza. Style-based quantum generative adversarial networks for Monte Carlo events. Quantum 6 (2022) 777, (arXiv:2110.06933).

  • M. Robbiati, J. M. Cruz-Martinez, S. Carrazza. Determining probability density functions with adiabatic quantum computing. (2023), (arXiv:2303.11346).

  • J. M. Cruz-Martinez, M. Robbiati, S. Carrazza, Multi-variable integration with a variational quantum circuit. (2023), (arXiv:2308.05657).

Authorship Guideline#

In order to appear as an author of a Qibo publication (paper, proceedings, etc) each author must fullfil the following requirements:

  • Participate to the official meetings.

  • Contribute to the code with documented commits.

  • Contribute to the manuscript elaboration.