What is qibo-cloud-backends?#

Qibo-cloud-backends is a Qibo plugin that provides some additional backends which allow for the remote execution of Quantum Circuits.

Installation instructions#

Install first the package dependencies with the following commands.

We recommend to start with a fresh virtual environment to avoid dependencies conflicts with previously installed packages.

$ python -m venv ./env
source activate ./env/bin/activate

The qibo-client-backends package can be installed through pip:

pip install qibo-cloud-backends


Once installed, the plugin allows for setting and using the new backends in Qibo.

The following two examples show how to submit a job on the TII cluster and the IBM servers. Remember to replace “your token” string with your actual valid token received after registration.

Prepare a QFT circuit to be submitted to the servers:

from qibo.models import QFT
from qibo import gates

circuit = qibo.models.QFT(5)
circuit.add(gates.M(0, 2, 5))

Then, to simulate the circuit on the TII cluster through the sim platform:

from qibo.backends import set_backend

set_backend("qibo-cloud", token="your_token", provider="TII", platform="sim")
result = circuit()

or, in order to use the ibmq_qasm_simulator platform on the IBM ibm-q server:

set_backend("qiskit", token="your_token", provider="ibm-q", platform="ibmq_qasm_simulator")
result = circuit()

API Reference#