Models for High Energy Physics#

The Qibo package comes with the following extra models:

Quantum PDFs#

Qibo provides a variational circuit model for parton distribution functions, named qPDF. This model is based on qibo.models.Circuit and provides a simple API to evaluate PDF flavours at specific values of the momentum fraction x. Further details and references about this model are presented in the examples/qPDF tutorial.

qPDF circuit model#

class qibo.models.hep.qPDF(ansatz, layers, nqubits, multi_output=False, backend=None)[source]#

Variational Circuit for Quantum PDFs (qPDF).

  • ansatz (str) – the ansatz name, options are ‘Weighted’ and ‘Fourier’.

  • layers (int) – the number of layers for the ansatz.

  • nqubits (int) – the number of qubits for the circuit.

  • multi_output (bool) – allocates a multi-output model per PDF flavour (default is False).

  • backend (qibo.backends.abstract.Backend) – Backend object to use for execution. If None the currently active global backend is used. Default is None.

predict(parameters, x)[source]#

Predict PDF model from underlying circuit.

  • parameters (numpy.array) – list of parameters for the gates.

  • x (numpy.array) – a numpy array with the points in x to be evaluated.


A numpy array with the PDF values.