Why Qibo?#

The Qibo project targets the development of an open-source full stack API for quantum simulation and quantum hardware control.

Quantum technologies, such as NISQ devices, are developed by research institutions and require a high level of knowledge of the physics and electronic devices used to prepare, execute and retrieve measurements from the experimental apparatus.

In this context, Qibo proposes an agnostic approach to quantum simulation and hardware control, providing the required components and standards to quickly connect the classical hardware and experimental setup into a software stack which automates all aspects of a quantum computation.

In the picture below, we summarize the major components of the Qibo “ecosystem”.


The first component is the language API, based on Python 3, which defines the interface for the development of quantum applications, models and new algorithms. We also provide a large code-base of models and algorithms, presented with code examples and step-by-step tutorials. Finally, we provide several tools for the laboratory management and quantum hardware control.

Qibo provides a plug and play mechanism of backend drivers which specializes the code for quantum simulation on different classical hardware configurations, such as multi-threading CPU, single GPU and multi-GPU, and similarly for quantum hardware control, from superconducting to ion trap technologies including FPGA and AWG devices.