Installation instructions#

Operating system support#

In the table below we summarize the status of pre-compiled binaries distributed with pypi for the packages listed above.

Operating System


Linux x86


MacOS >= 10.15





All packages are supported for Python 3.8 to 3.10

Installing from source#

In order to install qibocal from source, you can simply clone the GitHub repository with:

git clone
cd qibocal
pip install .

You can also use poetry to install qibocal from source:

git clone
cd qibocal
poetry install

Qibocal needs Qibolab!#

The qibocal package works closely with qibolab. Indeed, in order to carry out calibrations appropriately, it is essential to be able to translate appropriate theoretical tests into the corresponding pulse sequences that interpret them in hardware. In this section we explain how to perform calibration of a device belonging to the tii platform. To do this, it is necessary to have qibolab properly installed. To do this procedure correctly, visit the Qibolab installation page, where it is explained how to install the appropriate extra_dependencies.