Source code for qibosoq.configuration

"""Qibosoq configuration file."""
import os

[docs]def from_env(name, default=None): """Get the value of a QIBOSOQ environment variable.""" return os.getenv(f"QIBOSOQ_{name}", default)
HOST = from_env("HOST", "") """Server address.""" PORT = int(from_env("PORT", 6000)) """Port of the server.""" MAIN_LOGGER_FILE = from_env("MAIN_LOGGER_FILE", "/home/xilinx/logs/qibosoq.log") """Main logger file.""" MAIN_LOGGER_NAME = from_env("MAIN_LOGGER_NAME", "qibosoq_logger") """Main logger name.""" PROGRAM_LOGGER_FILE = from_env("PROGRAM_LOGGER_FILE", "/home/xilinx/logs/program.log") """Program logger file.""" PROGRAM_LOGGER_NAME = from_env("PROGRAM_LOGGER_NAME", "qick_program") """Program logger name.""" QICKSOC_LOCATION = from_env( "BITSTREAM", "/home/xilinx/jupyter_notebooks/qick_111_rfbv1_mux.bit" ) """Path of the qick bitstream to load.""" IS_MULTIPLEXED = from_env("IS_MULTIPLEXED", "True") == "True" """Whether the readout is multiplexed or not."""