Biases and Pulses#

Qibosoq supports the execution of modulated fast pulses, called here just pulses, and continuous DC biases.


By bias we mean a DC current that gets turned on before the pulse sequence execution and gets turn off just at the end. Note that some care may be needed to fire continuous un-modulated pulses since the board itself may have baluns at the outputs.

Biases are controlled via the qibosoq.components.base.Qubit object:

from qibosoq.components.base import Qubit

qubit = Qubit(
    bias = 0.1,
    dac = 3

The bias parameter is a value relative to the maximum output voltage of the used dac so it’s defined in the range [-1, 1].


Differently from the biases, the pulses have a shape, a duration and are modulated. In Qibosoq there is a object qibosoq.components.pulses.Pulse:

from qibosoq.components.pulses import Pulse

pulse = Pulse(
    frequency = 4000,    # float in MHz
    amplitude = 0.5,     # float in [-1, 1]
    relative_phase = 0,  # int in degrees
    start_delay = 0,     # float in us
    duration = 1,        # float in us
    name = "id",         # str
    type = "drive",      # str in {"readout", "drive"}
    dac = 1,             # int
    adc = None,          # optional int
  • The starts_delay is the difference in start time between this pulse and the one before it. We can consider the execution of a pulse always divided in two moments:

    • wait start_delay if it’s not zero

    • fire the pulse

  • The name parameter can be chosen to be whatever, but should be a unique identifier of the pulse.

  • The adc parameter is not needed for drive pulse, but it is for readout pulses. Every readout pulse is composed of a pulse fired through the dac and acquired by the adc, so both are required.

While the qibosoq.components.pulses.Pulse object can be used in the client, it cannot be used in execution time. In fact, the server expect a Pulse with a shape. The shape objects inherits from qibosoq.components.pulses.Pulse and share the same parameter + eventually others (… here are the qibosoq.components.pulses.Pulse parameters):

from qibosoq.components.pulses import Rectangular, Gaussian, Drag, Arbitrary

pulse = Rectangular(...)

pulse = Gaussian(
    rel_sigma = 5,  # float, sigma values as a fraction of the duration

pulse = Drag(
    rel_sigma = 5,  # float, sigma values as a fraction of the duration
    beta = 10,      # float (drag beta parameter)

pulse = Arbitrary(
    i_values = [...],  # list of floats
    q_values = [...],      # list of floats