Source code for qibosoq.components.base

"""Various helper objects."""

from dataclasses import dataclass
from enum import Enum, IntEnum, auto
from typing import Iterable, List, Optional, overload

import numpy as np
import numpy.typing as npt

[docs]@dataclass class Config: """General RFSoC Configuration.""" repetition_duration: int = 100 """Time to wait between shots (us).""" adc_trig_offset: int = 200 """Time to wait between readout pulse and acquisition (ADC clock ticks).""" reps: int = 1000 """Number of shots.""" soft_avgs: int = 1 """Number of software averages.""" average: bool = True """Returns integrated results if true."""
[docs]class OperationCode(IntEnum): """Available operations.""" EXECUTE_PULSE_SEQUENCE = auto() EXECUTE_PULSE_SEQUENCE_RAW = auto() EXECUTE_SWEEPS = auto()
[docs]@dataclass class Qubit: """Qubit object, storing flux information.""" bias: Optional[float] = None """Amplitude factor, for sweetspot.""" dac: Optional[int] = None """DAC responsible for flux control."""
[docs]class Parameter(str, Enum): """Available parameters for sweepers.""" FREQUENCY = "freq" AMPLITUDE = "gain" RELATIVE_PHASE = "phase" DELAY = "t" BIAS = "bias" DURATION = "duration" @overload @classmethod def variants(cls, parameters: str) -> "Parameter": # type: ignore """Convert a string to a Parameter.""" @overload @classmethod def variants(cls, parameters: Iterable[str]) -> Iterable["Parameter"]: """Convert a iterable of str to an iterable of Parameters."""
[docs] @classmethod def variants(cls, parameters): """Convert from strings to Parameters.""" if isinstance(parameters, str): return cls[parameters.upper()] return type(parameters)(cls[par.upper()] for par in parameters)
[docs]@dataclass class Sweeper: """Sweeper object.""" expts: int """Number of points of the sweeper.""" parameters: List[Parameter] """List of parameter to update.""" indexes: List[int] """Index of the parameter to sweep relative to list of pulses or list of qubits.""" starts: npt.NDArray[np.float64] """Start value for each parameter to sweep.""" stops: npt.NDArray[np.float64] """Stop value for each parameter to sweep.""" def __post_init__(self): """Convert starts and stops in np.arrays if needed.""" if isinstance(self.starts, list): self.starts = np.array(self.starts, dtype=np.float64) if isinstance(self.stops, list): self.stops = np.array(self.stops, dtype=np.float64) @property def serialized(self) -> dict: """Convert a Sweeper object into a dictionary. In particular, takes care of the convertion arrays -> lists. """ return { "expts": self.expts, "parameters": self.parameters, "indexes": self.indexes, "starts": self.starts.tolist(), "stops": self.stops.tolist(), }