The open source operating system for quantum hardware

Quantum programming, simulation, control and remote access


An Open Quantum Ecosystem

Qibo is an end-to-end open source platform for quantum simulation, quantum hardware control and remote access. It has a comprehensive, flexible ecosystem of tools, libraries and community resources that lets researchers and users to quickly deploy quantum powered applications.



We provide an open source codebase of pre-coded quantum algorithms for applications in quantum machine learning, chemistry, industry among others.



We offer tutorials and code examples for quantum algorithms that can be quickly modified and adapted by developers.


Laboratory Tools

We support hardware control procedures for laboratories technologies, including pulses sequence generation, job submission and results recontruction.

Open Hardware

Open Hardware

We suggest accessible hardware for quantum simulation and hardware implementation.

Built for

Qibo provides quantum algorithms for applications in science and industry. Some examples are:

Quantum circuits for Quantum Machine Learning applications.

Optimization algorithms based on quantum annealing.

Deployment of quantum simulation on accelerated hardware.

Open Hardware

Quantum simulation is a challenging task which involves the identifications of the classical resources and its limitations.

To simply this task we propose a single node server configuration for simulations up to 37 qubits on CPU and 32 qubits with GPU acceleration.

This system provides a good balance in terms of performance and cost. We invite you to build it yourself, or if you prefer, contact us for a quotation.

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