What is qibo-client?

Qibo-client is the front end interface to quantum computing labs using Qibo.

The main purpose of the project is to create a client tool written in python able to launch quantum computations through HTTP.

Installation instructions

Install first the package dependencies with the following commands.

We recommend to start with a fresh virtual environment to avoid dependencies conflicts with previously installed packages.

$ python -m venv ./env
source activate ./env/bin/activate

The qibo-client package can be installed through pip:

pip install qibo-client


Once installed, the provider allows to run quantum circuit computations on the remote server.


In order to run jobs on the remote cluster it is mandatory to own a validated account. Please, sign up to `this link https://cloud.qibo.science`_ to obtain the needed token to run computations on the cluster.

The following example shows how to launch a computation on the TII cluster. Remember to replace your qibo token string with your actual valid token receive after registration.

>>> from qibo_client import TII
>>> import qibo
>>> circuit = qibo.models.QFT(5)
>>> client = TII("your qibo token")
>>> result = client.run_circuit(circuit, nshots=100, device="sim")
>>> print(result)

API reference

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